Saturday, December 9, 2017


It has been a crazy year with so many different happenings. I was able to cross 3 states off my list, North and South Dakota and Ohio. I actually drove five hours just to see the North Dakota temple and turn around and drive 5 hours back, but it was worth it. Shanna had her fourth child and it was fun to surprise her for the blessing. She has a beautiful family.

Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 WHAT A YEAR!!!!

In March my whole family met in Idaho for Shanna and Ryan's Wedding. It was a very windy day, but a great day. It was the first time our whole family could be in the Temple together. I must admit I came up with a top ten list of things you don't say to a single person at a wedding/reception. However, it was nice to be around family.

 Shanna married well and I wish the best for her and Ryan. They will live in Rexburg until they both graduate.

Next came my birthday! Funny thing for the first time I couldn't remember how old I was. VERY SAD! I didn't take pictures, but I had lots of fun with the Jeffery, LeSuer, Canning Famiies and my parents. It's become a tradition to have a BBQ at my parents house and make homemade rootbeer. It's so much fun to watch the kids go crazy when we add the dry ice into the mix.

July brought another wedding for my family. Lance was married in the Houston Temple. I got to make their wedding cake. It was actually a lot of fun.
Lance wanted a funfettie cake. Made me laugh, but it actually was very good.  I was very glad I got to make it for them.

While everyone was in town we went to the Butterfly Muesem. Here is dad with 6 of his grandchildren.

Most of my nieces and nephews. They enjoyed playing together

Mo taught Shalene's kids how to ride a bike without training wheels.
We spent time at the swimming pool, but when it started to thunder, and the pool closed we had our own fun in the backyard with the sprinklers.

We had a great visit from Matt Holgate! He was in town for work and came by for dinner. Next time I think He needs to bring his whole family down with him.

Next ( I can't say finally because I wish it wasn't over) summer brougth a family reunion at Aspen Grove. It was a blast and I had tons of fun visiting with family, hiking, archery, swimming, playing games and more. Here are just a few highlights. (Between me and my siblings we have over 400 photos)

We stayed in Beckham Lodge on the 3rd Floor. We were really lucky to have such a prime spot. It was next dinning hall, the amphatheater, badmitten and we didn't have to walk down any step slopes or three million steps to get there. Our rooms were also all connected to the lounge area.

We met often in the lounge to play games, visit, and those with sleeping kids could still join in all the fun. Lance and his wife won the question game. I sent out questionaries to each of the families about things they did growing up, how many tickets and car accidents they have been in, how long they had dated, been engaged, favorite colors, and something they thought no one else knew. Lucky for me since I'm not married, I got to be the host of the games. Some answers were very funny!

All of my nieces and nephews! They were so much fun to watch play hide 'n seek behind the couches. There weren't that many hiding places, but they sure had fun. Dadra (Jason's wife) made our family reunion shirts. They were great! Apsen Grove to family pictures for us.

 We shot air rifles and did archery! It was a lot of fun!

A few braved paintball course. They all came back bruised,except for those who were snippers and stayed safely guarded behind the baracades. Shalene is there a reason two guns are pointed at you? You must have been hard to catch!

Yes I did hike in the mountains, around some very steep corners and drop off! Better yet I didn't need any help getting down. I wouldn't go so far to say I tackled my fear of heights, but lots of prayers come in handy as you begin to decend.

There were so many different things to do, an awesome playground with a two story play house, train rides around the field another night or just sit and enjoy being with grandma!

One of my Favorite pictures of Shalene and Cody! One night they had family games. While we waited for the games to begin we played on the swings and fire truck on the field.

Fun at the pool,even though it is so much colder then it is in Texas. I video taped everyone coming down the slides and then took snapshots from the videos. These are two of my favorites!


Seriously cute kids!!!!
The last day at breakfast Brayden made this green slime drink ( mixture of orange juice and blue gaterade) It was very disgusting looking, but he drank it all. It was nice to have all the meals prepared for us and activities for everyone. Kids had their own age group activities they went to every day so the adults could go hiking and other activities without having to keep track of kids.

Needless to say we had lots of fun!!! It was a great family reunion. I wish we all lived closer so that we could enjoy each others company more. Until the next one!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I'm very excited to say that I got a new car a week ago. Actually two weeks ago. I had the car for one day and then left for a family reunion in Utah. It sat in a garage for the first week I hadit. I did have fun driving it to church today.  I couldn't decide on the Elentra or Corolla, but the Corolla won out in the end. I love it! It has some great features like automatic windows and locks. The sells person looked at my old car (2003 Corolla) and said "wow yours is like the basic of the basics" YEP and I got a good price for it too.

 I was some what sad to see it go, but I'm very excited to be driving a new car. Even better is my old car did not have hubcaps, only one of them actually. This car looks much nicer! I'm enjoying driving it now that I am home. I have to admit I did go through the drive through the first day I had it just so I could roll down the windows. :) Needless to say I'm alittle excited.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This past year I have been helping out with our school News Team called MBC. 5th Graders plan, record and present a news report to our school every Friday. It's been a lot of fun Julie, our IT on our campus is amazing. The students have had a such a great time and have come up with some pretty good Broadcast. 

As an end of the year treat. Julie and I took them to Channel 2 News station. It was a lot of fun! I learned a lot of interesting things about how the TV stations work. We also go to set on the news set for a few pictures. Lauren Freedman one our the Local reporters walked by as we were taking our tour. I thought a few of the girls were going to pass out. They were so excited to "meet" someone famous and who is one tv "Like all the time"
Well let's just say it's been a while since I put any thing up on my blog. I keep thinking I really don't do anything but work. Which is partly true. This Monday was my birthday. YIKES! 33years old....I mean young.  It was a great birthday of which I of course took no pictures. :) Colleen Jeffery and Allyson Le Seur and their families came over for a BBQ. Shalene brought her kids over as well and we made homemade root beer. It's become a tradition the last few years.  It's so much fun to watch the kids faces light up when you put the dry ice in to the root beer mix. It was a great night and I'm glad to have such good friends!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Museum Day

A few weekends ago....Ok a month or so ago Shalene and I took her kids done town for the free day at the Museum. We first went to the Health Museum. The kids had fun looking at what all the different stations were. Then we stopped off at the Children's Museum for a few moment's before the kids were burnt out.

Seriously love this cute kid!!!!!

Alaina had fun imitating the people.

When you peddaled the Skeleton peddled too. Alaina thought it was pretty cool.

Where do all the organs go????? Jonny Figuring out the puzzle.

Of course Cody was in Heaven with all the buttons there was to push!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Shalene!

Happy 30th Birthday Shalene!!!!

Good thing we only put 20 candles on the cake!

Love this picture of Alaina and Shalene!

Coldstones gift card from Jonny!

Yeah for presents!!!!